strictly Appointment only.



 Regular held themed Private Parties.

 Attendance by members and guest list invitation only.

 Low girls to guests’ ratio. 2:1

 Discreet and private, held at various locations.

 Afternoon and evening same day parties organised.

 Several adult themed parties of various adult genres.

 Are you young, in your 20's or 30's? Earn well and meet some affluent, discerning male members all over 30 and possible potential private regular future clients!

 Have fun joining the In Calls 4U girls and their girlfriends for some real adult party enjoyment and work.


 For discretion and privacy attendance is always by invitation only. Some members do request we contact a girl/s linked on our 'Meet the Girls' page in the hope they will be in attendance at that event. All girls are notified of such requests. Our events are small and informal to create a friendly cordial ambiance for members and hostesses. Girls are not obliged or expected to attend all of our events, only those that suit their own tour schedule. Due to our low ratio and attendance for our events we only require a select few hostesses at each of our planned events. 

For full details and our planned events notification please fill in the form.

Subject to our members and guest list demands, our private parties will be held for a few hours during the afternoon and also in the evening on those days advertised. Most will have a generic adult niche theme where applicable. All our parties are fully inclusive.


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You will receive full details of our procedures and our fees paid to the hostesses attend an event. You are always requested to attend by invitation and have the option, based upon your prevailing circumstances at the time, to decline the invitation. We also invite girls recommended by our members or, who have been brought to our attention as ideal potential hostesses to apply and submit our hostess application form.